The Helplessness of a Philosopher: “Jerzy Limon/Prospero”

16 kwietnia 2021
“Jerzy Limon/Prospero” – a discussion on 23 April, at 7 pm CET, initiating a series of debates
entitled: “The Helplessness of a Philosopher”.

On the Day of 457th Anniversary of William Shakespeare’s Birth, 23 April 2021, the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre invites you to a new series of events, of philosophical reflection on theatre and Shakespeare, related to the 25th Anniversary of the Gdansk Shakespeare Festival. The first discussion, entitled “Jerzy Limon/Prospero” is dedicated to the memory of Professor Jerzy Limon, Shakespeare scholar, writer, translator and Director of the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre, who passed away last month.

We feel helpless in the face of this sudden and premature loss, surrounded as we are by a pandemic, political unrest, internal conflicts, environmental degradation, social inequality, disregard for art and critical thought, by spreading ignorance… This may be the reason why Professor Limon’s dream was to have a debate at the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre on the helplessness of ‘the Philosopher’ who was for him someone thoughtful, considerate and sensitive, someone trying to grasp the complexity of the world.

We need to focus on the legacy of Professor Limon, on the challenges and tasks he left us to deal with; we need to examine his attitude to contemporary culture, the problems he grappled with, the helplessness he felt.

The discussion will take place on 23 April, at 19.00. The panellists will meet live onstage of the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre; the meeting will be transmitted on YouTube and the Facebook page of the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre. The participants are: Łukasz Drewniak – theatre critic, dr hab. Stanisław Rosiek – literary historian, writer, publisher, and Anna Augustynowicz – theatre director. The meeting will be led by Piotr Augustyniak whose idea this debate was. The accompanying artistic programme is directed by Robert Florczak.

The event will be transmitted in Polish, on the YouTube and Facebook profiles of the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre.