SzekspirOFF 2021 – presentations at the Festival

6 maja 2021

ShakespeareOFF alternative strand of the Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival consists of two competitions:  ShakespeareOFF Productions (three laureates are presented in the festival programme) and ShakespeareOFF Presentations (performances qualified for the finals are presented and the best is seleced by the Jury during the festival).

The prize in the ShakespeareOFF Productions Competition is financial support for the production of an artistic event based on the works of William Shakespeare. The premiere of the event will take place during the 25th Shakespeare Festival in Gdańsk. The funding equals PLN 10,000 for each winner of the competition.

The ShakespeareOFF Presentations competition involves completed artistic events, the authors of which, qualified for the finals, will present themselves to the public during the Festival and compete for financial prizes.  The overall prize money equals PLN 15,000. In the ShakespeareOFF Presentations Competition, the winners will be selected by a Jury consisting of three members: Anda Rottenberg, Piotr Cieplak and Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk.

22 projects were submitted to the ShakespeareOFF Productions Competition and 19 events were submitted to the ShakespeareOFF Presentations Competition. The Selection Committee, consisting of Acting Director of the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre Maciej Sowiński, ShakespeareOFF 2021 Curator Katarzyna Knychalska and Festival Coordinator Joanna Śnieżko-Misterek, decided to select 3 winners of the ShakespeareOFF Productions 2021 Competitiont and 10 artistic events for the finals of ShakespeareOFF Presentations 2021 Competition.

Winners of the ShakespeareOFF Productions 2021 Competition:
– „Mist” – company/ Artur Grabarczyk
– „Reciprocation” – Zakład Krawiecki Theatre/ Paweł Palcat
– „Shakespeare: mockup” – girl collective „blisko”/Mira Manka, Anna Rogóż

Finalists of the ShakespeareOFF Presentations 2021 Competition:

  • „The actors have arrived” – Wiesław Cichy, Marek Kocot
  • „And now the owls let us add the wings …” – Jakub Snochowski
  • „I Come to You River: Ophelia Fractured” – Studio Kokyu
  • „Island of Whispers” – Parrabbola&Teatr Strefa Otwarta
  • „Name” – Middle East Artists’ Association
  • „About The Two – puppets show” – Barnaby Theatre/ Marcin Marzec
  • „Portions” – Zdenka Pszczołowska, Anna Oramus
  • „The lost years” – Ewa Mikuła
  • „Shakespearean Women” – Shakespeare Gang/ Magdalena Dąbrowska and ensemble
  • „Shakespeare – r e i n k a r n a t i o n s” – Teatr Układ Formalny/ Adam Michał Pietrzak

Both competitions are organised by the Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre and Theatrum Gedanense Foundation at the 25th edition of the Shakespeare Festival in Gdansk. The artistic events selected for the competition will be presented in the programme of this year’s ShakespeareOFF.