Performance / Competition for the Golden Yorick

Wrocław Puppet Theatre / Poland

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

dir. krofta/wojtyszko


july 31 / 18.00 / 120 min / 9+

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is not only one of William Shakespeare’s best-known and most-performed plays, it is also one of the funniest. In this Victorian romantic comedy, the most important element is not the plot, with its numerous plot-holes (i.e. shortcomings, other irregularities), nor the dramaturgy, but the mood and the message. In accordance with the announcement by the creators – the krofta/wojtyszko duet – the show must be a feast of the theatre, a joyous event bringing hope to the audience: “We want to remind ourselves in hard times that the theatre is not only wisdom flowing from the stage, a ruling of hearts and minds and a tool for changing the world, but also only, and as much as, common fun.

Fooling about, which brings relief and adds hope in hard times. Shakespeare’s text cannot be denied this: fooling about here is a dramaturgical engine and Puck, not the most important figure but the most recognisable one – is the heart of this comedy. After ten years spent in Wrocław, we have the feeling that the Wrocław Puppet Theatre (WPT) has worked out its own recognisable style based on playing with conventions, a refined artistic form, live music and the unique talents of the actors. So this will be Shakespeare in the style of the WPT, A staging of ‘A midsummer night’s dream’ which could not have been created elsewhere, a show for the whole family, in which both adults and children will find something for themselves.”
The krofta/wojtyszko duet has been the creator of WPT’s flagship productions over the last decade: “Alone, or Preparation for Family Life”, “Hell – Heaven” and “Oh Dear, or about a Girl Who Did Not Know Her Own Name”, For the first time, the cast of the production includes the theatre’s entire artistic team.


Directors – Jakub Krofta and Maria Wojtyszko
Translation – Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński
Music – Grzegorz Mazoń
Lighting director – Damian Pawella
Choreography – Milena Czarnik


Anna Bajer, Agata Cejba, Kamila Chruściel, Aneta Głuch-Klucznik, Jolanta Góralczyk, Krzysztof Grębski, Radosław Kasiukiewicz, Marek Koziarczyk, Agata Kucińska, Konrad Kujawski, Marta Kwiek, Patrycja Łacina-Miarka, Anna Makowska-Kowalczyk, Tomasz Maśląkowski, Grzegorz Mazoń, Irmina Praszyńska, Sławomir Przepiórka, Edyta Skarżyńska, Piotr Starczak, Marek Tatko

Première – 15.10.2022
Language – Polish with English surtitles
Duration – 2h (including interval)

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