Performance / Competition for the Golden Yorick

Sławek Krawczyński, Anna Godowska / Święto Snów feat. Borys Jaźnicki and Wojciech Jaworski / Poland

How Beauteous Mankind is

dir. Sławek Krawczyński, Anna Godowska


july 26 / 18.00 / 60 min / 16+


july 26 / 22.00 / 60 min / 16+

ShakespeareOFF 2022 Grand Prize

„The creators of „How Beauteous Mankind Is!” have created an extremely brilliant dramatic concept, and the performers of the show have successfully executed it. All aspects of the show – visual, choreographic, acting and musical – came together to create a strong yet minimalist theatrical message” justification of the jury of the ShakespeareOFF competition

Inspired by Shakespeare’s „The Tempest,” this multimedia performance is a combination of theater, dance, video and music.

Ariel and Caliban represent two opposing, but at the same time somehow complementary aspects of the psyche, formed on the principle of equivalence: top-down; high-low; volatile-heavy; light-dark. Ariel is the spirit of air, free thought, the water spirit. In his area lies the principle of progress, the tendency to constantly transcend limitations, to transform the existing world. Caliban – conversely – symbolizes what is ancient, natural, instinctive. Things that bind to the earth; that which is unchangeable. Modern times are marked by an exceptionally strong impact of both these aspects.

This extraordinary moment in the history of the world – on the one hand tumultuous, full of ideological turmoil and struggle, and on the other breathing a puzzling emptiness. The emptiness of the crossroads, the emptiness of expectation, the emptiness of the border point, where the old is moving away and the new is not coming. And while there is no shortage of discussion and sometimes shocking proposals, there is no certainty what this wonderful new world will be.

Project partners:
Kielce Cultural Centre
Theater w Blokowisku GAK Plama and Gdansk Archipelago of Culture


choreography: Anna Godowska
direction: Slawek Krawczynski
music: SUEXO
script, staging, costumes, lighting design: Slawek Krawczynski, Anna Godowska
production: Fundacja Teatr Realistyczny


Borys Jaźnicki
Wojciech Jaworski

Some nudity in show

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