Foreign performance

Shakespeare Flamenco / Spain

Hamlet. The dance of the melancholic

chor. Jesús Herrera


july 28 / 17.00 / 95 min / no age limit


july 28 / 21.00 / 95 min / no age limit

For the first time ever, one of Shakespeare’s most iconic tragic plays is being turned into a Flamenco production. “Hamlet” is a tale of family, revenge, power and murder – and it is these aspects that make the story perfect for a Flamenco adaptation with their intensity and passion.

This production refreshes the well-worn story written by William Shakespeare, making the audience acknowledge it in a different way. (…) dynamic Flamenco dance coupled with the haunting singing of the choir in the background make for a particularly unnerving atmosphere. The use of Flamenco solos here is incredibly powerful and exhilarating.

The utilisation of this dance type appears to complement and even intensify the emotional effects of the play through physicalised means. The different styles of Flamenco performed by the dancers interpreting the roles of Hamlet and Ophelia successfully capture the gender-based diversities between the characters which is fascinating and gives the production an additional layer through the study of gender.


Artistic director, main dancer and choreographer – Jesús Herrera
Musical director – José Enrique de la Vega
Lighting technician – Luis Rodríguez
Sound technician – Luis Alberto Naranjo
Management and road manager – Jaime Trancoso, Ph.D., Flamenco Agency


Hamlet – Jesús Herrera
Hamlet’s mother – Lola Jaramillo
Death – Hugo Sánchez
Ophelia – Begoña Arce

piano – José Enrique de la Vega
guitar – Liam Howarth
singer – Marian Fernández
flute and sax – Bernardo Parrilla
drums – Darío Vallecillo

Language – Spanish with Polish and English surtitles

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