Performance / SzekspirOFF Competition

Zuzanna Kasprzyk, Andrzej Molenda, Paweł Grala / Poland


dir. Zuzanna Kasprzyk, Andrzej Molenda, Paweł Grala


july 27 / 17.00 / 40 min / no age limits


Klub Żak


july 27 / 21.00 / 40 min / no age limit


Klub Żak

The production is participating in the ShakespeareOFF competition.

The aim of ShakespeareOFF is to invite extra-institutional artists and groups whose starting-point in projects is the work of cooperate. ShakespeareOFF is a competition in which new independent productions are partly financed and are prepared especially for the festival. They will be judged by an international jury.

The production is the proposition from one of the five finalists.

The artists about the performance

„Tonący Cyrk Charliego Printscreena” [„Charlie Printscreen’s Drowning Circus”], an informal collective, presents the short tragi-comedy in 17 acts, „CyberWill”. The title refers to Shakespeare’s play, „Cymbeline”. First of all, because experts disagree about whether this is a comedy or a drama. Which means you do not know whether to laugh or cry. Secondly, because it seems William did not write this play by himself, but with a colleague, which would appear to fit. Thirdly, because it makes no sense. All of this information was passed on to us by a certain Trusted Informer (W) so we see no reason to have any doubts. Apart from the foregoing, there are no other connections so we can calmly watch the show – without any complexes that we have not read the play and we do not know what is going on. In any case, we have not read it either because this particular work does not feature in the free online library „Wolne lektury” [„Free reads”]. Seriously though, the show is an attempt to answer the most important current questions about the human condition in today’s world. So we will check Paweł’s condition, because lately he has not been moving much. We will also challenge the condition of our digital colleague, the wonderfully-named ChatGPT. A watchful eye will be kept on all this by the Spirit of William Shakespeare and his plays – the ones he wrote and the ones he has not yet written. By the way, if he shows up, we will ask him what he thinks about copyright. Do not expect any logic, just a little algebra, a good dose of artificial intelligence and quite a lot of natural, 100%-biodegradable foolery. At the end of the day, the future is certain, the Great sTuPidity of the world is amazing and the most famous skull in the history of theatre belonged to a Fool.


Zuzanna Kasprzyk – Junior Middle End
Andrzej Molenda – Scrum Master Accompanied,
supported and applauded by Music – Wojciech Glądys
Robotics – Julia Kawa


Senior Dance Developer – Paweł Grala
Transformer Initially Taught to Generate – ChatGPT

Language – Polish with English surtitles
Partner – Łódźki Dom Kultury

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