Performance / SzekspirOFF Competition

Maciej Gorczyński, Daniel Leżoń, Iwona Bandzarewicz, Piotr Korzeniak / Poland

The Fool

dir. Maciej Gorczyński


july 27 / 17.00 / 60 min / 16+


july 27 / 21.00 / 60 min / 16+

The production is participating in the ShakespeareOFF competition.

The aim of ShakespeareOFF is to invite extra-institutional artists and groups whose starting-point in projects is the work of cooperate. ShakespeareOFF is a competition in which new independent productions are partly financed and are prepared especially for the festival. They will be judged by an international jury.

The production is the proposition from one of the five finalists.

The artists about the performance

Audience members invited to participate in the show, thus in a dialogue with Shakespearean tradition, will discover a new and surprising image of the fool. During the performance, the audience members will ask themselves questions about the boundaries of humour, provocation, laughter. They will pay attention to the disappearing function of the fool in the Polish political space inhabited by ideologues and propaganda specialists – deadly foes of the fool. At the same time, the audience members will experience a new perspective on the idea of foolery as a deep and conscious interaction with the surrounding reality.

Audience members will hear classical fragments of Shakespeare’s works and also texts from the performer based on the situational sense of comedic improvisation. The creatives, open to interaction with audience members, will examine the element of comedy in its most radical aspects. The performer will tell about the mask imposed on the fool by society. Together with audience members, he will try to answer the question about the difference between the fool’s mask and the spirit of foolery.


Performing person – Daniel Leżoń
Artistic/Lighting person – Iwona Bandzarewicz
Musical person – Piotr Korzeniak
Directing person – Maciej Gorczyński


Daniel Leżoń

Language – Polish with English surtitles
Duration – about 1h

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