Pip Utton / UK

At Home with Will Shakespeare

dir. Pip Utton


august 3 / 18.00 / 60 min / no age limit


august 3 / 21.00 / 60 min / no age limit

Shakespeare probably wrote the most outstanding British literary works. But we know very little about this man, apart from the place in which he was probably born and in which he was probably buried. Even his images – portrait, statue, etching – could represent somebody completely different. Pip Utton brings William Shakespeare to life – not only as a great writer but also as a human being of flesh and blood, who loves, laughs, drinks, sings, dances, cries and, in the meantime, is forced to write a few words to have something to live on. He leads a sort of double life, as a husband and landowner in Stratford-upon-Avon, and as a well-known and respected playwright in London. This is, quite simply, Will – his life and his literary “greatest hits” acted out by himself. “At Home with Will Shakespeare” is a fun show, poetic, moving and engaging the audience in an interesting way.

Pip Utton is an English actor and playwright, one of the best solo performers on earth – “the master of the controversial one-man show” (“The Guardian”), frequent award-winner at international festivals, including Edinburgh, Kiel, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Wrocław. Utton is a phenomenon, untouched by current fashions. This is a masterly theatre of transformation, in which imitation, make-up and costumes are merely the starting-point, agreed signals of convention. Illusion here is immediately undermined with the help of pure-nonsense, ostentatious distance or games with excellently feigned “privacy”, (Nick Awde, Tomasz Miłkowski, “Pip Utton and His Masks”, Warszawa 2019)


Director: Pip Utton
Pip Utton Theatre Company / Wielka Brytania


Pip Utton

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