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Twelfth Night, or What You Will
dir. Štěpán Pácl


Twelfth Night is a marvellous coupling of lyrical and instinctive poetry. The play’s subtitle is “What You Will” and everybody will really find their fulfilment therein, whether he or she prefers love stories or barroom tales, whether he or she is fan of puns or battles of wit, whether he or she prefers women, men, or both.

A young woman named Viola is shipwrecked on the coast of Illyria, a region resembling more a fairyland than a reality. There lives a charming Duke wooing a graceful Lady, and a fairy tale drunkard terrorizing an ageing degenerate. For her own safety, Viola decides to disguise herself as a young man. But when she falls madly in love with Duke Orsino, she exposes herself to danger. In this comedy, whose deepest meaning is hidden in its subtitle, nobody can be sure of anything. The play deals with the forever relevant issues: the crisis of the individual and the crisis of identity.

Director Štěpán Pácl, who is continuously working with NTB Dramatic Company ensemble for three years by now, evolved the play in both dramatic and comic layer. His version of the play began with careful adaptation of the text when many wordplays and jests were replaced by appropriate substitution and ended in “free ride” rehearsing. Stage design made of eight metres high wave and using hectolitres of water on the stage is a work of renowned scenic designer Dragan Stojčevski.

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Direction: Štěpán Pácl
Dramaturgy: Jaroslav Jurečka
Translation: Jiří Josek
Set design: Dragan Stojčevski
Costume design: Linda Boráros
Music: Jakub Kudláč
Language cooperation: Eva Spoustová
Dissonant training: Pavel Čeněk Vaculík

Hana Drozdová – Viola
Tereza Richtrová – Olivie
Petr Kubes – Orsino
Tomáš Šulaj – Malvolio
Martin Sláma – Clown August
Bedřich Výtisk – Tobiáš Brok
Petr Bláha – André Chabrus
Jana Štvrtecká – Marie
Vojtěch Blahuta – Sebastian
Michal Bumbálek – Antonio
Vladimír Krátký – Captain
Roman Nevěčný – Fabian
David Kaloč – Priest
Vratislav Běčák – Guard
Jakub Julínek – Guard
Boris Ráboň – Guard

Premiere: 28.01.2022
Language: Czech

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