Polish Dance Theatre in Poznań, Bodytalk w Münster, Poland – Germany

Romeos & Julias unplagued. Traumstadt
chor. Yoshiko Waki


(…) the carnival played out on stage by the dancers in such a way that the walls shake, is like successive iterations of ‘frostbite’ that we remember well. (…) From the jungle of emotions, the fawning change of costumes, the trance music played live and even the smells emanating from the stage, a poignant silence is left in one’s mind at the end after the screams that ring out in the finale. / Marta Kaźmierska, „Gazeta Wyborcza – Poznań”

The coronavirus plague forces us to confront death. It imposes a physical distance, referred to as “social distance”. The trauma of isolation stimulates reflections on the transience of human life, triggering the need to redefine such concepts as contact and closeness. This begs the question: how were pandemics dealt with in the past? The Renaissance was an era in which physicality and the individuality of the human body were reborn: love, sex, the body, death, freedom, Eros and Thanatos… how did Shakespeare measure up to the experience of death caused by past plagues?

Drawing on these inspirations, the playwright Rolf Baumgart and the choreographer Yoshiko Waki, want to create an image of the City. Will the eponymous Traumstadt turn out to be a “city of dreams” or a “city of traumas”?

Creators want to see what will happen when dance, understood as creative movement and the most corporeal of arts, collides with reality. And to create a space for reflection about the effects of the pandemic by rediscovering the love story of Romeo and Juliet as told in William Shakespeare’s immortal drama.

Performance selected for the Golden Yorick Competition finals.

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Concept and choreography: Yoshiko Waki
Assistant Choreographer: René Haustein
Dramaturg: Rolf Baumgart
Set and costume design: Nanako Oizumi
Music: Damian Pielka
Production Assistant: Marcus Bomski
Production Coordinator: Robert Chodyła

Dancers and co-creators

Evelyn Blue
Kacper Bożek
Julia Hałka
Patryk Jarczok
Jerzy Kaźmierczak
Zbigniew Kocięba
Katarzyna Kulmińska
Dominik Kupka
Daniel Michna
Jinwoo NamKung
Katarzyna Rzetelska
Sandra Szatan
Zofia Tomczyk
Emily Wong-Adryańczyk

A co-production of the Polish Dance Theatre and the bodytalk collective in cooperation with asphalt festival and the Pumpenhaus Theatre, subsidised by the City of Münster and the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Subsidised by funds from the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport from the Cultural Promotion Fund within the framework of the ‘Dance’ programme, implemented by the National Institute of Music and Dance.

Premiere: 20.06.2021

Opera Bałtycka



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