Sławek Krawczyński, Anna Godowska / Święto Snów, Poland

How Beauteous Mankind Is!

ShakespeareOFF / Performance/ 1H10 / Malarnia Teatr Wybrzeże

Inspired by Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, this multimedia performance is a combination of theatre, dance, video and music.
Ariel and Caliban represent two opposing yet somehow complementary aspects of the psyche, formed on the principle of appropriateness: top-down; high-low; volatile-heavy; light-dark.

Ariel is the spirit of air, of free thought, the water spirit; within its realm lies the principle of progress, the tendency to continually transcend limitations, to transform the existing world. Caliban – conversely – symbolises the ancient, the natural, the instinctive. Things that bind to the earth; that which is unchangeable. The present day is marked by an exceptionally strong impact of both these aspects.

This extraordinary moment in the history of the world – turbulent on the one hand, full of ideological turmoil and struggle, and on the other breathing a puzzling emptiness. The emptiness of the crossroads, the emptiness of waiting, the emptiness of the border point, where the old is moving away and the new is not coming. And although there is no shortage of discussions and sometimes shocking proposals, there is no certainty what this new, wonderful world
wonderful new world will be.

Caliban versus Ariel. Two actor-performers in a frenzied stage duel full of physicality, two visions of the world collide with each other through dance, song and quasi-speech. The stage clash of these two archetypal figures, due to the intense accumulation of means and forms, their rapid variation and pulsation, reflects the character of contemporary message culture and its special feature – trance.

Contemporary culture – through this unfettered multiplicity – has in some sense become a culture of madness. And this is the freedom of Caliban and Ariel, of which this performance is a metaphorical image.

  • creators
  • Cast

Anna Godowska

Directed by
Slawek Krawczynski


Screenplay, staging, costumes, lighting design
Slawek Krawczynski, Anna Godowska

Realistic Theatre Foundation

Borys Jaźnicki
Wojciech Jaworski





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