Sztuka Nowa, Poland

dir. Dawid Żakowski

ShakespeareOFF / PERFORMANCE / 1H30

In what anthropologists call the post-truth era, in the global north, Hamlet is a way, a conflict, a disagreement, a questioning, a philosophy and a critical attitude towards the system, the rules of the world. Hamlet is a cultural, social and individual way of thinking. Hamlet is maturation and initiation. The individual and the collective. Referring to classical productions of Shakespeare’s works from the period, the female characters will be performed by an ensemble of young men. Motion understood as a regular, minimalist movement in space, in a group and community that goes at specific intervals that change in each act. It is a metaphor for migration, for a nomadic life of necessity – evoking the experience of movement constitutive of performance activities from the field of new choreography and new dramaturgy. Through the engagement of space, of movement, we will create a bottom-up, horizontal, inclusive entity of a new Hamlet.

Everyone is welcome to join and participate in the performative guided tour.

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Directed by: Dawid Żakowski
Dramaturgy: Patrycja Babicka
Choreography: Daniela Komędera – Miśkiewicz
Music: A_GIM
Lighting direction: Tadeusz Perkowski
Curator: Zofia Urszula Komasa
Production: Iwa Ostrowska
Co-production: Sochaczewskie Centrum Kultury

Paweł Mandziewski,
Michał Tokarski,
Kamil Piotr Adamus,
Antoni Kudelko,
Maciej Feliga,
Mateusz Nguyen,
Konrad Duplicki

GTS Yard


16.00, 19.30


35 pln


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