CalArts Center for New Performance, California, USA

performed by Peter Mark


Shakespeare’s text can meet whatever you throw at it – and that includes GIFs, memes, and the most contemporary images. Just as Hamlet didn’t know how to cope with what was required of him by the ghost – the image – of his father, I wanted to explore that same connection between body and image; how the past, present, and future can all be layered; and how images can beckon us to act beyond ourselves. / Peter Mark

HA-M-LET is a multilingual, multimedia performance housed within a projection cube. Themes of madness, deceit and familial conflict take digital form as artist/performer Peter Mark grapples with tumbling thoughts and images that reach a vivid state of saturation. With materials sourced from Shakespeare’s play, internet culture, home videos and 3D animation, the interwoven imagery morphs between landscape and body, narrative and biography—shifting at a rate that pays homage to Hamlet’s own velocity of thought. The artist’s Brazilian parents appear in the roles of King, Queen and Ghost, rendering a conflict both textual and real—simultaneously liberated and confined by layers of media.

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Directed and performed by: Peter Mark

Produced by CalArts Center for New Performance

HA-M-LET was first performed publicly in Warsaw on 22 June 2018, as part of the CalArts Center for New Performance residency with STUDIO teatrgaleria.

Languages: Portuguese and English

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