Krystian Łysoń, Polska


ShakespeareOFF / PERFORMANCE / 0H50

Shakespeare in “Antony and Cleopatra” tells the story of two people who, against all odds, find love, an impossible love for which they will fight to the end. Not only with Octavius’ troops, but also with history. The love of these two seems to be a perfect love, a love beyond gender and cultural frameworks. It is Cleopatra who gives the impression of being the more masculine person and Antony the more feminine.

Antony is a fascinating character on the one hand, but on the other hand underestimated, remaining in the shadow of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra – friend and lover. Antony becomes a starting point for analysing the contemporary category of masculinity.

Krystian Lysoń asks whether the suicide of the two lovers remains in line with the Gnostic tradition – a victory, rather than being a defeat, as the Western tradition wants to see it.

A performance at the intersection of dance theatre and dramatic theatre.

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Zhenia Doliak, Wojciech Faruga, Krystian Łysoń

Krystian Łysoń, Zhenia Doliak





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