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The Tempest


A TEMPEST. Imminent, happening or maybe it has passed?

Two worlds – the first and the third. And a small island miles from anywhere, with which fragments and shreds of the great world collide.

Global politics. Trade. Industry. Influences. Top-bottom and left-right arrangements.

Minor terrorism and major consequences. My and your fear. THE TEMPEST within us.

Stripped of dignity and property, the protagonists seek a new beginning, new HOPE.

And revenge.

Prospero abdicated. (…) The decision to create the tempest calls to mind the desperation of a terrorist, who, deprived of the chance to influence reality by other means, reaches for radical solutions. Prospero decides on an act of violence in order to regain a lost world, to which, in his opinion, he still belongs. (…)

The forms of violence that Prospero uses are a range of contemporary behaviours, such as manipulation – the basic “magic trick”. Knowledge of how reality is constructed, the lack of naȉveté, his cynicism and knowledge of the rules of violence ruling the world, from which during his presence in Milan he tried to escape into the world of books and solitude, give him the advantage. / Szymon Kaczmarek

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translation into Polish: Stanisław Barańczak
directing and lighting: Szymon Kaczmarek
scenography: Kaja Migdałek
costumes: Marta Śniosek-Masacz
musical arrangements: Żelisław Żelisławski

Paweł Charyton (Ferdinand), Mikołaj Chroboczek (Alonso), Wiktoria Dudek (Miranda), Marcin Gaweł (Caliban), Sławomir Głazek (Gonzalo), Sylwia Gola (Sebastian), Filip Jasik (Trinculo), Mateusz Król (Antonio), Maciej Pesta (Ariel), Wojciech Sikora (Stefano), Paweł Smagała (Prospero), Piotr Srebrowski (Captain)

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