BliskoGirls’ Collective – Anna Rogóż, Mira Mańka, Kraków, Warszawa, Poland

Shakespeare. Mock-up

ShakespeareOFF Productions / PERFORMANCE / 1H30

Shakespeare, known for his fascination with the topos of the world as theatre, often gave his protagonists words to speak in which they revealed the conventionality of the passsions consuming them or the artificiality of some emotions, or simply unmasked the illusion of the real world. The creators of “Shakespeare. Mock-up” exploit the fields of tension explored by the playwright, such as those created between the protagonists and their creator. Great passions associated with monumental gestures or even clichés play out here in quite unexpected spaces – shoe-boxes or jars. And all in order to ask anew fundamental questions about the Shakespearean theatre. Is the crossing of borders possible? What in essence am I playing out in these romantic histories and herstories?

  • CAST

Directing, dramaturgy, text: Mira Mańka
Based on: “The taming of the shrew”, “Hamlet”, “Titus Andronicus”, “Romeo and Juliet” Scenography, costumes, video, lighting director: Anna Rogóż
Supported by Bytom Rozbark Theatre of Dance and Movement and Open Eyes Festival

Kamil Bończyk, Julia Lewandowska, Szymon Michlewicz-Sowa, Łukasz Szleszyński, Katarzyna Zioło, Daniel Zych

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