imPerfect Dancers, Italy

Romeo and Juliet. The Final Hours


See the most famous love story in the world. The intrigues, the family conflicts of the two young lovers in their final hours of life, before the inevitable destiny is fulfilled. The two lovers unknowingly find themselves on their last days of life, their last days of love.

The show will provide the starting point for a broader exploration of interpersonal relationships.

With the help of flashbacks the public will relive the highlights of the story, like an accelerated film where the images merge and confuse and then suddenly reveal themselves in their perfect transparency.

The story settles in an indefinite time without historical references, in a sort of eternity, just as the theme of the work is eternal and timeless. Love is the center of everything, and with it, other feelings will come to light. Jealousy, envy, anger and hatred, all connected and opposite feelings, life in its extraordinary complexity.

An elderly couple and a couple of children are present in the performance. These figures have been chosen among the inhabitants of Gdansk. The elderly couple represents the evolution of Love, the one that has no time, the one that resists life’s trials. The children represents the purest Love, without preconceptions and alienations, which has no geographical or other limits.

  • CAST

Concept & choreography: Walter Matteini & Ina Broeckx
Interpreters: imPerfect Dancers Company
Set & costumes: Ina Broeckx
Light designe: Walter Matteini
Music: Various authors
Premiere: 3 August 2021 (at the Festival)

Juliet: Laura Perrot
Romeo: Andoni Martinez Manzano
Lady Capulet: Ina Broeckx
Nurse: Sara Nicastro
Tybalt: Sigurd kirkerud Roness
Mercutio: Daniel Flores Pardo
Benvolio: Inés Santos Prados
Friar Laurence: Gloria Tonello & Carole Debenath
Senior Juliet: Lucyna Korytowska
Senior Romeo: Tadeusz Żuber
Juliet as little girl: Julia Pluto-Prondzinska
Romeo as little boy: Franciszek Świgost

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