Zdenka Pszczołowska, Anna Oramus, Kraków, Poland


ShakespeareOFF / PERFORMANCE / 30MIN / 15+

A meeting of Shakespearean protagonists, a meeting of women, a meeting in the name of emancipation. Portia, Cordelia and Juliet meet at Ophelia’s funeral. They meet to show each other mutual support but they differ in their experiences, their attitude to Ophelia, to reality, to emotions… The meeting, which takes place in tragic circumstances, but with the intention of serving the common good, reveals the internal polarisation of attitudes in the group of women, and also the tendency to judge and grade experiences (irrespective of gender). The protagonists provoke the male and female audience members to take on the role of judges.

  • CAST

Text based on Shakespeare’s plays (“Hamlet”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “King Lear” and “The Merchant of Venice”), the experiences of particular male and female members of the company and arose as the result of improvisations.

Directing: Zdenka Pszczołowska
Costumes and scenography: Anna Oramus
Costume and scenography assistant: Gloria Deshmukh
Music: Andrzej Konieczny

Aleksandra Samelczak, Magdalena Mączko, Monika Rachwalak

GST Yard


16.00, 18.00

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20 zł


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