Ewa Mikuła, Warszawa, Poland

Lost Years

ShakespeareOFF / PERFORMANCE / 45MIN / 15+

“Lost Years” shows the history of a young boy, William Shakespeare. The production is inspired by the period of 7 years, known as the lost years, in the biography of Shakespeare, in which the author did not write a single play that we know of and his story at this time is pure guesswork. For the artists, this became the impulse to the posing of questions about these “lost years” and the meaning of this notion. The show is a story about contemporary twenty-year-olds and their look at their own biography, which is reflected in Shakespeare’s “Sonnets” – good advice from the poet for a young man measuring himself against his own transience.

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Directing: Ewa Mikuła
Text: Ewa Mikuła, Michał Lazar, Anna Andrzejewska
Music: Michał Lazar
Lighting, projections: Klaudia Kasperska

Anna Andrzejewska

Teatr w Oknie


18.30, 22.15

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20 zł


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