Strefa Otwarta Theatre, Wrocław, Poland

After Othello

ShakespeareOFF / PERFORMANCE / 1H / 15+

The meeting between Othello and Desdemona takes place in the afterlife and is a journey through the hell of a return to past events, a realization of the enormity of suffering caused, the feeling of guilt, an analysis of the mechanisms of the action of evil, its slow permeation of Othello’s life. The protagonists play out between themselves a theatre of cruelty and construct a kind of psychodrama in order, by playing again their roles and situations, to make an attempt to understand at least partially the cruelty that has occurred.

  • CAST

Concept, script: Anna Rakowska, Piotr Misztela

Anna Rakowska, Piotr Misztela

Teatr Miniatura


17.00, 21.30

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