The Pantomima Theatre, Wrocław, Poland

The Island

Streaming from Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre
Performed in Polish with English subtitles

“The Tempest” is one of Shakespeare’s last plays (1611) and the action takes place in a few hours on a distant island. The play was initially undervalued but today it is increasingly regarded as one of his greatest achievements.

The performance will be accompanied by live music played by the Kormorany group.

Shakespeare wrote a clumsy and tangled play, because such is the story of Prospero, who decided to start everything anew, from a concrete sentence, only to lose himself with the next one, thought a thought, which changed itself into a dozen different ones. The attempt undertaken by Prospero ends with a beautiful catastrophe. An attempt supported by effort, a stubborn belief in the sense of the theatre, undertaken without abusing himself or the world. Making such an attempt is the best thing that can happen to us. / Piotr Cieplak

“The Island” is not just “The Tempest” deprived of the words and of most of the protagonists known originally from Shakespeare’s play. This is a mime variation on the subject of the place which arouses in people defined instincts and determines their character and behaviour. In Cieplak’s production, on the island the main problem and the cause of all future events is the battle for power. / Katarzyna Mikołajewska,

  • CAST

script and directing: Piotr Cieplak
scenography: Andrzej Witkowski
scenographic co-operation: Bajka Mourier
stage movement: Aleksander Sobiszewski
choreography consultancy: Leszek Bzdyl
live music: Kormorany, musicians: Paweł Czepułowski, Michał Litwiniec, Tomasz Orszulak
premiere: 6.11.2020

The Tempest: Krzysztof Szczepańczyk (Man in helmet), Leszek Bzdyl (Mr OverClerk), Jan Kochanowski (Man with wooden dog aka Man in pyjamas), Agnieszka Kulińska (OverCarmen aka Kiepska), Agnieszka Dziewa (Woman with shopping), Paulina Jóźwin (Ballerina with horns), Monika Rostecka (Bishop), Sandra Kromer-Gorzelewska (Hella), Eloy Moreno Gallego (Miner with tuba)

The Moustachioed: Agnieszka Kulińska (Mr Prat), Monika Rostecka (Smart-arse Cockerel), Paulina Jóźwin (Mr Charming), Sandra Kromer-Gorzelewska (Young’un), Agnieszka Dziewa (Evil Itself), Krzysztof Szczepańczyk (Eagle’s Shadow), Jan Kochanowski (Hank Boss), Leszek Bzdyl, Eloy Moreno Gallego (Caliban)

Ferdinands and Mirandas: Jan Kochanowski (Mr Maluśkiewicz), Leszek Bzdyl (Footballer), Krzysztof Szczepańczyk (Mr Fly), Agnieszka Dziewa (Walker), Agnieszka Kulińska (Lodzia), Sandra Kromer-Gorzelewska (Shiksa), Paulina Jóźwin (Crazy Greta), Monika Rostecka (Lady), Eloy Moreno Gallego (Caliban)




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