Stowarzyszenie Artystów Bliski Wschód / Paulina Prokopiuk, Nadia Kraińska, Bytom, Poland


SzekspirOFF / PERFORMANCE / 1H10

“Surname” is a dance theatre show and is a movement interpretation of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. It is a negotiation between closeness and distance, desire and fear, a confrontation in many dimensions. The transmissions of powerful but absent parents, Polonius and Gertrude, are interspersed with the doubts of Ophelia and Hamlet, gradually revealed during the deepening of their relations.

Medusa will meet the Tortoise.

The addict seeking closeness with the addict of its avoidance.

  • CAST

concept: Paulina Prokopiuk, Nadia Kraińska
directing: Paulina Prokopiuk
music: Nadia Kraińska
lighting: Damian Bakalarz
video: Filip Tokarczyk, Marcin Tokarczyk
choreography: Natalia Pitry, Adam Zuber

Show based on “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare, translated by Józef Paszkowski, and on fragments of the stories “Controllers” and “The reality of infinite non-instantiation” by Mateusz Rosicki.

Performed by students of the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków, Faculty of the Dance Theatre in Bytom, with the support of the Bytom Rozbark Theatre of Dance and Movement and the Middle East Artists’ Association.

premiere: 23.11.2020, 24th Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival

Adam Zuber (Hamlet), Natalia Pitry (Ophelia), with the special participation of actors from the National Stary Theatre in Kraków: Katarzyna Krzanowska (Gertrude), Błażej Peszek (Polonius)




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