Henry V

Performed in Polish with English subtitles

“Henry V”, a history, or chronicle, play written in about 1599, tells the story of King Henry V of England and the events surrounding the Battle of Agincourt during the Hundred Years’ War. The play ends the series of Shakespeare’s four historical masterpieces. The beginning of the 15th century was a difficult time for England. The kingdom was torn by civil wars. The young Henry had to earn the trust of the nation and convince the court, despite his happy-go-lucky reputation (as shown in Shakespeare’s earlier plays), of his fitness to be king. In the end, Henry has his friends hanged, murders prisoners and England itself does not reap much benefit. In this play, the Chorus acts as a guide for the audience, encouraging it to stretch its imagination, as, without it, the images in the tight cage of the stage will not come alive; likewise with the words spoken by the actors.

Shakespeare devoted to Henry a great, patriotic piece of poetry, in which there are numerous legendary quotations but he also showed that, when History is crumbling all around us, there are only bad choices we can make.

  • CAST

“Henry V” by William Shakespeare translated by: Piotr Kamiński
directing: Vita Maria Drygas
photography: Mateusz Wajda
camera operators: Kamil Niewiński, Grzegorz Ruzik
editing: Kamil Niewiński
sound: Mateusz Andrzejewski
sounding: Kris Wawrzak
colour correction: Mateusz Wajda
graphics: Piotr Bandomir, Arvind Juneja
production manager: Jakub Kowalski
production assistant: Agata Kasprolewicz
technical assistant: Jakub Zalewski
producer: Dariusz Rosiak
additional composition: Kris Wawrzak

Music used in the production: “Minimal” by Chris Wells, “The road is calling” by Thomas Mercier, “Sailing to the sea” by Nicolas Martin, “Sombre tones” by Thomas Richard Balmforth, Sam Taylor, “Marching on” by Jean Pierre Ensuque, Eriac Neveux (works used on the basis of a licence agreement with UNIVERSAL MUSIC PUBLISHING Sp. z O. O.).

Photographs for the production taken in the “Świt” Cultural Centre in Targówek in Warsaw. The owner of the copyright to images and sound is Dariusz Rosiak.

premiere: 14.06.2020, YouTube

Piotr Fronczewski (Chorus), Grzegorz Damięcki (King Henry V), Marcin Rogacewicz (remaining figures)




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