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Our heroine, a mentally unstable young woman, identifies herself with her namesake, Shakespeare’s Ophelia. Reading is her only lifeline – when she reads, she finds peace and serenity. Reading “Hamlet”, she tries to understand what happened to her. Words take shape, characters come alive, and through the story told by Shakespeare, Ophelia relives the dramatic events of her own life.

“Hamlet” is a drama about life and death, and about the ambiguous relationships between people, offering the audience a journey through the darkest alleys of the human soul.

Since it was formed in Italy in 2009, imPerfect Dancers Company has taken the contemporary dance scene by storm, winning rave reviews and prestigious awards. Under the artistic direction of its founders, Walter Matteini and Ina Broeckx, the company has proved tirelessly creative, expanding its repertoire and delighting audiences with its sensitive and compelling performances and bold, often courageous, artistic choices. In doing so, it has gained international recognition, securing its rightful place in the artistic landscape.

imPerfect Dancers Company won in the imperfection. The beautiful detail at a glance was that all the components were so in sync that the difference in body heights or volumes didn’t count for anything.The dancers in the scenes together were always able to be a single body, falling and getting up together making diversity a precious, never discriminatory element. A nice message for all the rulers of the world.

Delusion, repentance, horror, contempt, consolation, struggle, death, lust for power, sadness, longing: all this interweaves the choreography of Walter Matteini and Ina Broeckx into a series of scenes of physical force.

  • CAST

concept and choreography: Walter Matteini i Ina Broeckx
costumes: Weber+Weber Sartoria
stage design: Ina Broeckx
lighting design: Walter Matteini
music: Ezio Bosso, Antonio Vivaldi, Max Richter, Philip Glass
premiere: 6.05.2017

Ina Broeckx (Queen Gertrude), Daniel Flores Pardo (Hamlet), Sara Nicastro (Ophelia), Sigurd Kirkerud Roness (King Claudius), Laura Perrot (Young Lady), Maclean Frey (Laertes)




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