The ShakespeareOFF strand consists of two competitions. ShakespeareOFF Productions is a competition which subsidises productions of plays prepared especially for the festival. ShakespeareOFF Presentations is a selection of ready-made plays to be shown at the festival.
This year, for the first time, the two competitions are combined in one final, and the festival Jury will select the winning performance.
The series is curated by Katarzyna Knychalska

We have selected proposals that approach Shakespeare’s work in an unconventional way. The submissions for this edition show a new trend of the trend – to look for creative impulses in specific Shakespearean characters and to translate former attitudes into today’s experience. The artists also chose interdisciplinarity as the watchword for their concepts – that is why among the finalists we have proposals that combine various theatrical and musical forms in an interesting way, with a noticeable predominance of dance theatre, which is becoming more and more active in Poland today.

Katarzyna Knychalska, curator of ShakespeareOFF


ShakespeareOFF Productions

The following performances were selected for the ShakespeareOFF Productions finals:

  • “Shakespeare Fight Show Arena” Układ Formalny Theatre
  • “Antony” Krystian Łysoń
  • “How beauteous mankind is!” Sławek Krawczyński, Anna Godowska /Święto Snów

ShakespeareOFF Presentations

The following performances were selected for the ShakespeareOFF Presentations finals:

  • “Lear, f**k!”  A Part Theatre
  • “Mr Soon” Dziki Styl Company
  • “Hamlet.motion” Sztuka Nowa
The main prize in the competition is a ShakespeareOFF statuette and financial awards.

The winner of the ShakespeareOFF 2022 Competition will be selected by an international jury consisting of: Jacek Kopcinski, theatre critic, literary historian, Aneta Szyłak, curator and art critic, John Stanisci, American actor, playwright and illustrator, Tamara Trunova, Ukrainian theatre director, director of the Kyiv Academic Drama and Comedy Theatre on the Left Bank of the Dnieper, and Gianina Carbunariu, Romanian playwright and theatre director.

  • Regulamin ShakespeareOFF 2022

Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival

The international Gdansk Shakespeare Festival is one of the biggest events which annually hosts the best Shakespeare productions and the most eminent theatre artists from all over the world.

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