The aim of the ShakespeareOFF strand is to invite non-institutional artists and teams whose projects’ starting point is the work of Shakespeare. ShakespeareOFF is a competition in which new independent productions that are prepared specifically for the festival are funded. They will be evaluated by an international jury consisting of: Eleanor Skimin, Jacek Kopciński, and Aneta Mancewicz.

In this year’s selection, the stakes were strong and diverse, so the choice was extremely tough. We chose five productions and as many as three of them will be exploring the theme of Shakespearean fools, however, each of them finds a completely different potential. The winning concepts also present strong social themes, such as the crisis on the Belarussian border or the difficult working conditions in the Polish theatre community.

Katarzyna Knychalska, curator of ShakespeareOFF

The finalists of


The following performances have been selected:

Błazen” – Maciej Gorczyński / Daniel Leżoń / Iwona Bandzarewicz / Piotr Korzeniak
Chcę przespać ten jałowy czas, kiedy nie ma jej przy mnie” – Klaudia Hartung-Wójciak/Nostalgic Boys
CyberWill” – Zuzanna Kasprzyk / Andrzej Molenda / Paweł Gala
Imperium” – Strefa WolnoSłowa
VERY FUNNY” – Patrycja Kowańska i Dominika Knapik

All finalist productions are co-financed by the Festival organisers. Prizes in the competition include a ShakespeareOFF statuette and cash prizes.

The winner of the ShakespeareOFF 2023 competition will be selected by the jury consisting of: Jacek Kopciński, Aneta Mancewicz, Eleanor Skimin.


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