EFFE Award congratulations

28 września 2017

We are very happy to have received warm words from cooperating theatres regarding the EFFE Award we received on September 18th, 2017.

Dear friends in Gdansk. Congratulation with the EFFE price! Great to experience and very inspiring that your enormous and important work for more than two decades now are acknowledge all over Europe. I’m so impressed and proud of you all! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Warm regards and best wishes from all your Danish friends at Hamlet’s Castle in Elsinore.
Kind regards
Lars Romann Engel / CEO & Artistic Director
Shakespeare Festival at Hamlet’s Castle in Elsinore, Denmark

warm wishes
Irina Brook, Shake Nice!, France

First of all, congratulations for the EFFE Prize!
Emil Boroghina
Director al Festivalului International Shakespeare, Craiova, Romania


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