Chinese dance etiude outside TwO Windows Theatre

10 lipca 2019

The students of Shanghai Oceans University will present a Chinese Classical Dance etiude, before the performances of “Shakespeare Shake” by Chinese SISU group as part of ShakespeareOFF.

Clouds in the Forbidden City” dance programme will be presented on 3rd August at 16:45 and 4th August at 18:15, outside the TwO Windows Theatre.

The fluttering fans, swaying skirts, twisting waists and smart breath realize the convergence of elegant, graceful, powerful meaning of Chinese traditional dance vividly, showing the inheritance and development of modern youth to traditional dance.

Cast: Yin Leying, Chen Xuhan, Cheng Yu, Bi Wenyi, Guo Weiyu

Shanghai Ocean University(SHOU) is a multi-disciplinary applied research-based institution of higher education jointly established by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, State Oceanic Administration and the Ministry of Agriculture. In September, 2017, it was selected by Ministry of Education into the ‘Double First-Class Initiative’ program for its First-Class Discipline of aquaculture. The school motto is defined as ‘Diligence, Sincerity, Dedication and Practicality’. It adheres to the philosophy of ‘Fisheries rights are related to ocean rights’. The campus culture is rich and colorful including the holding of college students’ culture and art festival regularly. We will stick to talent cultivation orientation and focus on promoting research and excavation projects on Marine culture to create an atmosphere of culture cultivation with unique Marine characteristics.

Accompanying event. Free admission.