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ShakespeareOFF Productions / PERFORMANCE / / 45MIN / 15+

“Ophelia? She drowned.” Aided by Shakespeare and contemporary interpretations of Ophelia’s fate, particularly the revolutionary “Ophelia” by Lúcia Sander, the Argentinian researcher into Shakespeare’s figures, and Heiner Müller’s “HamletMachine”, we want to rewrite this well-known story anew. To tell another version of events, to reach below the surface, to turn up the sound. To find a new heroine – a strong Ophelia, an Ophelia who “does not need to drown”, and even if she does – first has a lot to tell us.

In this production there appear contemporary Ophelias – mothers, wives, daughters, neighbours, students, workers, young and old – each one different, each with her own story – to take you on a journey through the strength of women in many forms. Time for a collective rebellion by Ophelia.

  • CAST

Script and directing: Agnieszka Bresler
Text on the basis of “Ophelias. (Sur)real Tales” by Lúcia Sander, “HamletMachine” by Heiner Müller and texts by the participants
Costumes and choreography: Anna Skubik
Music and graphics: Iwona Konecka
Lighting: Wojciech Maniewski
Production: Agnieszka Krzaczkowska
Collage: Karolina Rosocka
Producer: Stowarzyszenie Kolektyw Kobietostan

The production arose in co-operation with the Culture Education Theatre Association during residence at the Henryk Tomaszewski Theatre Museum in Wrocław.

Thanks to financing from the Gmina of Wrocław and the Marshal of the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship and with the support of the Feminist Fund.

Marta Dziegieć, Aleksandra Kosiarczyk, Katarzyna Płukar, Katarzyna Radomska, Oliwia Salamon, Nadzeya Shchuka, Justyna Surdyga-Mikuła, Grażyna Wilk, Aleksandra Wojtaszak, Joanna Wysoczańska, Weronika Żyła

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