Teatr Zakład Krawiecki / Paweł Palcat, Wrocław, Legnica, Poland

My Anxiety Is Your Anxiety

ShakespeareOFF Productions / PERFORMANCE / 1H / 15+

The production exploiting motifs from Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”, tries in an experimental way to examine human-animal relations. Inspired by the experiences of Veronique Le Guen, who spent 111 days in a cave, cut off from the world, this is the story of an artist closing herself off in his own interior. He is accompanied by a dog. This relation – and its dynamic – constitutes an attempt to tell about the place o the hyper-sensitive in today’s world.

  • CAST

Duodrama written by Paweł Palcat

Mania and Paweł Palcat

GST Yard


18.00, 20:30

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25 zł


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