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On the day on which this happened, there were truly uncommon atmospheric conditions prevailing. Mist covered the world with such intensity that it was not at all clear what was real and what was merely apparent. It was as if thick milk had been spilt over everything in sight. There were shapes but not exactly like people. Just like us. In this fog we could look for ourselves. We could try to grasp ourselves and create anew. We could go alone. Or stick together. Our journey took some time, until it fell apart and disappeared in the same abyss from whih it had come.

  • CAST

Concept, dramaturgy: Beata Miernik
Sound and image director: Wiktor Podgórski (VTR)
Choreography, dance: Artur Grabarczyk
Inspired by: “Hamlet”, “Macbeth”, “Othello”, “Romeo and Juliet”
Realised in co-operation with the Pomeranin Incubator of Culture

Creation, dance: Róża Kołoda, Kalina Porazińska, Katarzyna Ustowska

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