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The Helplessness of a Philosopher: The Generation War


“The Helplessness of a Philosopher” is a series of debates of philosophical reflection on theatre, Shakespeare and contemporary world, created by Piotr Augustyniak. The thought behind the idea was to make a philosophical relation between the problems we face today in our contemporary culture and the themes Shakespeare was raising in his plays.

The 4th meeting of “The Helplessness of a Philosopher” series planned for the festival anniversary, is the last in the current season. During the discussion led by Piotr Augustyniak, his guests Marta Abramowicz and Andrzej Leder will address William Shakespeare’s “King Lear”. The meeting is entitled “The Generation War” – interlocutors will reflect on the source of conflict, lack of understanding and antagonism between different generations of our society. Why are we so polarized and radical? Why do we lack empathy and mutual trust? Is it possible to bring these conflicts to the difference of opinion or are the sources deeper and irrational?

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