The 23rd Gdansk Shakespeare Festival



Gdańsk, Teatr Wybrzeże


Teatr Osterwy, Lublin, Poland

Twelfth Night

Duration: 2h 45min
The Golden Yorick Competition

The plot of this comedy is located in a faraway country called Illyria. It is inhabited by those who, by all means, often awkwardly, seek warmth and love. Govern by the laws of masquerade, identity hiding and versatile role playing Illyria is somehow a reflection of our reality. The theatre, again, is to be “A Mirror up to Nature”.

Łukasz Kos did not add anything to Shakespeare, but he treated Illyria in the Twelfth Night as a country of swaped sexes, a world in which we choose our sexual identity. Or maybe theater – a place, in which everyone can play everyone. As best he can, without pastiche, mockery, derision. […] Actors are convincing in portraying women and actresses transformed into men discover new meanings in well-known monologues, the truth of a female jester is more bitter than it would result from the traditional portrayal of the role. Theater becomes a trap of hidden intentions, false diagnoses, ill-placed love. […] The Twelfth Night from Lublin is an ode to Shakespeare’s joy of the theater, where everyone can be everyone.

Łukasz Drewniak, Golden Yorick Competition Qualifier

  • Creators:
  • Cast:

Dramaturgy: Hubert Sulima
Directed by: Łukasz Kos
Set design: Paweł Walicki
Multimedia design: Patrycja Płanik
Costumes: Maja Skrzypek
Music: Dominik Strycharski
Choreography: Katarzyna Sikora

Malvolio: Marta Ledwoń
Prologue: Anna Nowak
Orsino: Edyta Ostojak
Festle: Nina Skołuba-Uryga
Sir Andrew Aguecheek: Magdalena Sztejman
Fabian: Tomasz Bielawiec
Olivia: Daniel Dobosz
Maria: Przemysław Gąsiorowicz
Antonio: Krzysztof Olchawa
Sir Toby: Wojciech Rusin
Viola/Sebastian: Justyna Janowska, Paweł Kos

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