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The Tiger Lillies

The world of The Tiger Lillies is dark, peculiar and varied, with moments of deep sadness, ruthless provocation and immense beauty. Always with a touch of twisted humor and sharp irony, The Tiger Lillies “point an implicit accusing finger back at us: what on Earth are we doing, laughing at this stuff?”.

Their music is a mixture of pre-war Berlin cabaret, anarchic opera and gypsy music, echoing the voices of Bertolt Brecht and Jacques Brel. The Tiger Lillies shock, amuse and entertain in a post-modern vaudeville way, with their inimitable in-yer-face performances, where no limit should be taken for granted.

The Tiger Lillies defy any singular description and operate within their own eccentric definitions. Since 1989, they have toured the world both with the breathtaking performance, Shockheaded Peter, and by themselves, developing a dedicated following from New York and San Francisco in the US to St Petersburg in Russia. Within the last two and a half decades, The Tiger Lillies have been doing an average of over 200 gigs a year and, despite spending so much time on the road, they have managed to also release more than one album per year (total number is somewhere around 35, but who’s counting?). The Tiger Lillies consist of Martyn Jaques, Adrian Stout and Jonas Golland.

  • Creators:

Martyn Jaques
Adrian Stout
Jonas Golland

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