The 23rd Gdansk Shakespeare Festival





12:00 – 14:00, 15.30–17.40, 22.00–00.00
Hubert Michalak / Tricklock Company, Poland, USA

The shortest Shakespeare in the world

Duration: 4min
A show for 1 spectator | 15+

An intimate, personal meeting with Shakespeare’s work on the smallest possible scale: one spectator and one actor. The whole world is a stage and on it you are “only” an actor. You appear in the world and disappear from it. Being on the stage of the world, you play certain roles – to which are you the closest? With which do you most identify? Soldier? Pupil? Lover? Someone different? The production will not make it easier to answer this question but it will help you to ask it.

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Director: Alla Maslovskaya

Script translated into Polish by Hubert Michalak, based on “As you like it” translated into Polish by Leon Urlich and Antoni Lange

Lighting design: Murat Kornaev

Premiere: 17.03.2018, USA

Hubert Michalak

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