The 23rd Gdansk Shakespeare Festival



Gdańsk, Teatr Wybrzeże, Stara Apteka


Teatr R3, Wrocław, Poland


Duration: 1h 15min

This is not a tale about a bloody tyrant who uses violence to seize the throne. He only exploits the opportunity given to him by a society that is too concentrated on its own benefits and interests. Shakespeare’s text has become a pretext for the construction of a universal metaphor for climbing the rungs of the ladder of a career. It is not important whether it takes place in an English kingdom, in the institution of an inferior theatre or in a contemporary state. The mechanism and the consequences remain the same.

The company consists of third-year students of the Puppet Faculty of the Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków, Wrocław branch, and the Musical Academy in Wrocław.

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Director, adaptation: Ada Tabisz

Based on “Richard III”, translated into Polish by Roman Brandstaetter

Set design: Mateusz Stryjeński

Music: Paulina Derska

The opening scenes of the production were prepared under the pedagogical supervision of Gabriel Gietzky.

Daniel Zawada, Dominik Skwarek, Bartosz Jędraś, Marcelina Kieres, Magdalena Gładysiewicz, Piotr Starczak, Jakub Szlachetka

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