The 23rd Gdansk Shakespeare Festival

Accompanying event


Gdańsk, Teatr Wybrzeże


Teatr Bakałarz, Poland


Duration: 50min
ShakespeareOFF Award 2018

Text based on William Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”. Shylock hates for hatred’s sake but also for revenge, because he was spat upon and abused. The Doge and Antonio take from the Jew half of his wealth, mercifully they do not kill him, just rob him and convert him to Christianity. We are, therefore, dealing here with a vicious circle of hatred that has existed for centuries: measure for measure – with no reflection! The audience plays a significant role in this project and on its commitment to the accepted stance depends the answer to the question: is there room in this world for love?

  • Creators
  • Cast

Direction and adaptation: Paweł Budziński

Director’s assistant, make-up: Aneta Małyska

Bartłomiej Wiktor, Lidia Baściuk, Mieszko Syc, Agata Front, Alan Al-Murtatha, Jakub Wierzejski

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