The 23rd Gdansk Shakespeare Festival



Gdańsk, Teatr Wybrzeże, Stara Apteka


Sławek Krawczyński, Anna Godowska / Święto snów, Poland

Hamlet. Dream

Duration: 1h

This solo show consists of a vision of Hamlet’s journey through his own history after his death. The main idea comes directly from Shakespeare’s text as a development of Hamlet’s dark fantasy in his great monologue: “To die, to sleep; to sleep, perchance to dream?” On the horizon of Hamlet’s thought, there raves a disquieting intuition that there is no way out of the game that is human destiny, since life is very different from “the sleep of death”.

The project is a continuation of the artistic research work of Sławek Krawczyński and Anna Godowska devoted to the application of work with dreams and unconsciousness in the practice of dance and theatre.

The production was awarded First Prize at the Sopot Theatrical Consequences 2018.

The production was realised with the help of a grant from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the support of the Visegrad Foundation within the framework of the VARP programme.

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Script, director: Sławek Krawczyński

Based on “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare and also inspired by “The Tibetan book of the dead”

Choreography: Anna Godowska

Music: Peter Łyczkowski

Production: Stowarzyszenie Scena 96

Cooproduction: Art Quarter Budapest

Premiere: 27.11.2017

Borys Jaźnicki (actor)
Peter Łyczkowski (musician)

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