The 23rd Gdansk Shakespeare Festival



Gdańsk, Miejski Teatr Miniatura


15:00, 17:00
Teatr Polski / Szkoła Podstawowa nr 83 „Łejery”, Poznań, Poland

A small premiere – Hamlet

Duration: 50min

The artists and the pupils from the “Łejery” Primary School have constructed this production around the themes of loss, love and family relations. Shakespeare’s play is as important in this work as the creativity of the children invited to participate. Reaching for the Bard’s most famous tragedy (and one of the most important plays in the history of the theatre) in order to confront it with the fresh viewpoint of young people has allowed for a new opening – another meeting with a classic of the theatre. Why is Hamlet glued to YouTube? What does Laertes have to do with prestige? Why has Ophelia disappeared from Instagram?

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  • Cast

Direction, music: Marcin Starosta

Text version: Marcelina Obarska, Marcin Starosta

Scenography, costumes, lights: Krystian Szymczak

Choreography consultant: Sonia Borkowicz

Lighting consultant: Mirek Kaczmarek

Animation: artistic circle supervised by dr Grażyna Daniel

Animation arrangement and assembly: Maria Horowska, Emil Tybura

Wiktoria Berbeć, Piotr Dąbrowski, Iwo Domagalski, Maria Dymek, Maria Jarosz, Franciszek Matuszak, Monika Roszko, Maja Rybarczyk, Małgorzata Sosnowska, Bazyli Szydzisz, Zuzanna Szymańska, Malwina Waloszczyk, Bruno Widerak, Stefan Witkowski, Julia Zabel, Hamlet Senior’s voice: Jan Peszek

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