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10 May 2020

ShakespeareOFF 2020 Competition deadline is prolonged until 30 July 2020!

Due to the fact that the Gdansk Shakespeare Festival has been postponed this year as the result of Covid-19 pandemic, the ShakespeareOFF Competition dealine has also been prolonged. We are waiting for your artistic event application until 30 July 2020, 15:00 (Warsaw time: CET+1).

The Regulations has also been amended considering the difficulties of Covid-19 situation, and therefore the application do not need to include the video recording of the show, but may take a form of a detailed description of the project/script.

ShakespeareOFF Competition 2020 (for the presentation of artistic events)
The aim of the Competition, established in 2016, is the selection and presentation of the most interesting artistic events based on, or inspired by, the works of William Shakespeare, produced by independent artists from Poland and abroad. The shows selected will be presented as part of the ShakespeareOFF programme at the 24th Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival, and evaluated by the Competition Jury. The total prize fund is 15000 PLN. The application deadline is 31 July 2020. Please apply at:

ShakespeareOFF 2020 is a part of ”Shaking the Walls” project, co-financed as part of European Union’s Creative Europe programme. The aim of the project is the artistic interpretation of walls, divisions, borders – physical or metaphorical – everything that separates people from each other, both individuals, as well as social or ethnic groups, including nations and countries. The topic of ”Shaking the Walls” project is the keynote theme of ShakespeareOFF 2020.


Festiwal Szekspirowski


8 May 2020

Dear friends and Festival fans,

We would like to inform you that due to the current COVID – 19 situation in Poland and the world we are not able to organise the 24th edition of Gdansk Shakespeare Festival as planned, that is from 31st July till 9th August 2020. Considering the safety of our audience as well as artists we are analysing the current situation and changes allowed in our and other countries in terms of travel and event organisation.

We do hope it will be feasible to make the festival happen in the second half of Novemeber 2020, the exact date will be confirmed as soon as it is possible.

We wish you all the best -, keep well and stay safe! We hope to see you in Gdansk in the autumn.

Festival organisers:
The Gdansk Shakespeare Festival and Theatrum Gedanense Foundation.


Festiwal Szekspirowski


12 August 2019

Rom, directed by Karin Henkel of Deutsches Theater Berlin inspired by Shakespeare’s: Coriolanus, Julius Caesar and Antonius and Cleopatra, was an acute commentary on the nature of power and democracy.


photos by Dawid Linkowski

Fragments of text from the performance:

The people are satisfied with the illusion of freedom because they are frightened of true freedom. Instead of truth, myths are given to the masses: primitive battle cries devised to unleash political energy.
The people prefer to believe in their own myths: images, lies, idols who have nothing to do with the truth. Their duty is to create facts – not through truth, rather through the force of lies. It’s never a question of truth, only of faith. Faith!
Egoism shall triumph over equality; decadence and vanity over conviction. Vice triumphs over duty. The love of money over the love of truth. The pettiness of the great triumphs over the greatness of men, the seduction of the people over their will. […]
The cleft between truth and domination shall grow! He who desires to rule today must be prepared to sacrifice truth.
Rule over the masses means simplification. Power – in opposition to freedom – is simple. […]
Power in its most direct form expresses itself as a negation of freedom. It enables the powerful to execute their will, possibly with violence. It is not limited to breaking resistance and forcing obedience.
Power is not opposed to the truth, but it can actually use it by taking on a subtle form and eluding visibility. The subordinate is not even aware of his submission. The greater the power, the quieter it looks.

Performance was presented during the Gdansk Shakespeare Festival as a part of the Shaking the Walls project co-financed by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Festiwal Szekspirowski