The 21 st Gdansk Shakespeare Festival

10 days / 7 countries

28th July – 6th August

The 21st Gdansk Shakespeare Festival



Teatr Wybrzeże Malarnia


A. Sewruk Acting School at the S. Jaracz Theatre in Olsztyn

Love’s Labour’s Lost

Duration: 1h 40min

“Love’s labour’s lost” is a quite puzzling comedy. It is composed of scenes, sketches and monologues and is only connected in outline and conventionally with a somewhat flimsy plot. Some episodes would not shame even the best “Monty Python” programmes and the scale of the language, wit and reflex is fascinating. The theatre is reduced to the absurd, free and total, moving and vulgar. The title itself introduces what are, for the comedy genre, disturbing half-lights. There are in them loss and regret for unfulfilled and unrealised efforts.

“Love’s labour’s lost” is a triumph of unbridled theatre, wit which knows no boundaries, poetry stronger than life. And the sadness that remains on the lips in the shadow of the forthcoming evening gives this comedy astonishing reflection.

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Director: Iwo Vedral

Translation: Stanisław Barańczak

Set design: Tomasz Brzeziński

Music: Jakub Orłowski

Julia Chętkowska, Joanna Graczyk, Anna Maria Kosik, Alicja Piątek, Piotr Dębowski, Kamil Drężek, Jędrzej Fulara, Radosław Jamroż

Diploma performance by 4th-year students of the A. Sewruk Acting School

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